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Brent Oxley is the creator and owner of LLC, based in Texas.  The company began its adventure in 2002.  The once dorm room run business is now providing a variety of innovative web hosting products and services to their 5 million-plus domain client base.  Their clients include those as small as the independent freelancer to Fortune 500 companies.  They currently serve clients in over 200 countries and continue to expand. One of HostGator’s many services include the VPS hosting.

VPS hosting plans are provided with dedicated functionality.  However, VPS hosting does not require the additional expense of a dedicated server.  The recently launched VPS hosting uses CentOS Linux with full root access.  The Virtuozzo power panels are an added bonus to the VPS hosting.  Like many of HostGator’s services, VPS hosting includes cPanel or web hosting manager panels.

When considering a VPS host to go with, it is necessary to discuss the server hardware.  HostGator used Dell PowerEdged servers to maintain all hosting for VPS plans.  The hardware specifications are fully customized based on your company or individual needs.  The system uses dual Nehalem CPU’s.  These are 16 hyper-threaded cores.  The system also allows for fault tolerant RAID with a 10 disk array with enterprise drives.  The system uses DDRS EEC RAM.  The gigabit uplink guarantees a 20 mbit connection.  The system has a fully redundant network with no single point of failure.  There are multiple bandwidth providers to accommodate your server connection.  The providers include AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, and Global Crossing.

With the VPS hosting plan you can install and customize applications to suit your needs.  The VPS plans also use Virtuozzo power with 52 free scripts.  There are multiple levels of network security to help protect you and your system.  There is nonstop server monitoring to ensure your monitor is working correctly and has no glitches.  All maintenance is handled promptly on a routine weekly basis.  If an emergency need for maintenance occurs, HostGator immediately works on the issues and provides a solution to reduce downtime.

HostGator also provides free site builder and site studio website-building tools for clients that purchase a VPS hosting plan.  To aid in the website design, over 4500 free website templates are available for customers.  Each template is customizable allowing for company logos, content, pictures, and graphics to be used.  If you already have a website or domain name through another provider, HostGator will provide a free transfer of the website and domain.  In addition, HostGator provides free transfers of scripts and MYSQL coding.

The purposes of the VPS hosting plans are to provide a connection between shared hosting and dedicated servers.    The VPS hosting plans are upgradeable, with nine levels of subscription.  Each plan is customized to fit the customer’s budget and needs.  With this effort the customer is never paying more for services they don’t need.  The client has the option to start with a lower plan and as their business increases, they may upgrade to suit their needs.  The nine levels of the VPS hosting allows for a customized match for any hosting needs.  There is no need to pay for extra processors, download speeds, and space that is not needed.

The reason for HostGator providing your VPS hosting is to remove all the reliability and responsibility for hosting from the client.  Many times clients are unable to provide the required securities, upgrades, and other measures to meet needs and protections of their company.  HostGator runs weekly automated backups that are completed off site.  These backups are required for additional security measures.  VPS hosting through HostGator also will reduce a company’s IT budget because there is no longer the additional time and personnel costs required with VPS hosting.  To help protect clients from down servers, HostGator has implemented state of the art data centers.  The data centers provide state-of-the-art backup power generators and HVAC units to keep your server going and protected even in the case of emergencies.

HostGator understands the importance of keeping their customers happy.  Therefore besides providing useful coupons to help reduce costs, HostGator provides customer service year round 24 hours a day.  That means if you have a problem with your VPS server or other services at midnight on Christmas, there will still be live customer support to discuss the issue and provide solutions. Customer support is provided through chat live, phone, e-mail, fax and mail.  Customer service is provided 24/7 to answer any questions regarding billing, technical support, design questions and general questions regarding your account or server.

HostGator is also responsible for keeping the downtime on the VPS hosting to a minimum.  Currently HostGator has a downtime of approximately 0.1%.  This means that in a span of a month you may experience up to 45 minutes of downtime.  HostGator provides backup generators to ensure the servers continue running even during times of emergency.

HostGator offers nine levels of VPS hosting.  Level one is $19.95 a month, level 2 is $29.95 a month, level 3 is $39.95 a month, level 4 is $69.95 a month, level 5 is $94.95 a month, level 6 is $119.95 a month, level 7 is $149.95 a month, level 8 is $179.95 a month and level 9 is $209.95 a month.  In addition to these low prices, HostGator VPS coupons are available to reduce prices even further.  Currently HostGator is providing a 20% for the first month of any level of these plans.  By trying HostGator you will receive a 45 day money-back guarantee.

Each level has a different degree of CPU power, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth allowed:

  • Level 1 – .56 GHZ CPU, 384 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space, and 250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 2 – .84 GHZ CPU, 573 MB RAM, 22 GB disk space, and 375 GB bandwidth
  • Level 3 – 1.13 GHZ CPU, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space, and 500 GB bandwidth
  • Level 4 – 1.98 GHZ CPU, 1344 MB RAM, 59 GB disk space, and 1050 GB bandwidth
  • Level 5 – 2.68 GHZ CPU, 1824 MB RAM, 80 GB disk space, and 1425 GB bandwidth
  • Level 6 – 3.39 GHZ CPU, 2304 MB RAM, 102 GB disk space, and 1800 GB bandwidth
  • Level 7 – 4.24 GHZ CPU, 3168 MB RAM, 165 GB disk space, and 2250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 8 – 5.09 GHZ CPU, 3801 MB RAM, 198 GB disk space, and 2700 GB bandwidth
  • Level 9 – 5.94 GHZ CPU, 4435 MB RAM, 231 GB disk space, and 3150 GB bandwidth

With the economy as bad as it is, every business owner looks for ways to cut costs in their company.  With these cut costs, business owners still want to ensure they are receiving the highest quality service.  HostGator VPS coupons allow clients to receive the products and services they deserve at a price that won’t break their pocket.  HostGator does this by offering low rates on VPS hosting plans and also proving multiple coupons for every level.

The HostGator VPS coupons are used as a strategy to keep their current customers from going to other web hosting companies.  The coupons are also used to attract new customers to HostGator.  HostGator understands that businesses and individuals are struggling and therefore offer these coupons in an additional effort to help small business owners.  Every company understands that in order to be successful they need a website that has little downtime.

HostGator has been able to compensate for the added expense of having a website by providing coupons offering 10% up to 25% off.  Sometimes larger percentage coupons may be available.  There are also other coupons available providing $25 dollars off.  HostGator knows that in order to be competitive they need to take measures that make customers want to return to them for their services.  Price and customer service are the top two driving forces for a customer to choose any company for their service or product.

Although the HostGator VPS coupons change from time to time a recent coupon is provided for a discount of 25% on any HostGator VPS hosting plan.  Another coupon is $25 off any HostGator VPS hosting plan.  In order to use these coupons simply go to the HostGator website.  You will then choose the VPS hosting plan that meets your needs.  Upon checkout you will be asked for a promotional code on the payment page.  Find one on this site or at Once a payment code is entered and validated, the discount will be applied to your total which shows up in a green box at the top of the page.

When looking at coupons it is important to consider which coupons will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Since HostGator only offers VPS plans on a monthly basis, it is important to choose your coupon discount based on the level you chose.  For instance if the level you choose is level 1, the monthly price is $19.95.  With the $25 coupon you will receive your first month completely free.  However, if you choose the 25% coupon you would pay $14.96.  On the other hand if you were going with level 9, looking at the same two coupons, the $209.95 package at the $25 discount would be $184.95.  If you choose the 25% coupon you would only pay $157.46.  So using the right coupon for your situation and VPS plan is beneficial for saving your business money.  Essentially, if the hosting plan you choose is under $100 per month, use the $25 coupon.  If you have a plan over $100, use the 25% coupon because it will save you more than the $25.

HostGator is successful because they provide various coupons for a multitude of clients with different budgets and needs.  Although the company has been successful for years before providing these coupons, the coupons have added to the strength and success of the company.  Overall the added coupon marketing has provided a successful relationship with the small business owner and the ever-expanding HostGator.

Although it seems like a no brainer that companies should want to provide coupons and discounts to their clients to retain their customer loyalty, many companies have decided against providing such measures.  Although the coupons are not the only lead to HostGator’s success, discounts and coupons have added a competitive advantage in the market needed to remain successful if all other things considered are equal.

HostGator is different in that they provide coupons to both existing customers and to new customers.  Many companies have shied away from offering coupons at all.  Other coupons have provided only coupons to new customers as a marketing tool to snag new clients, and sign them into a contract that will increase after the coupon discount period is over.  HostGator provides coupons on various websites to allow existing users to receive a discount as well as new ones. Other companies have been trying to be successful without using coupons to attract customers.  However, customers do not seem happy with their services and pricing from these companies.  In today’s economy everyone is coupon clipping and looking for ways to shed a few dollars from their budgets.

The coupons provide an advantage to customers looking to save some money.  The products and services are of competitive quality and pricing.  By providing a means for customers to lower their costs even greater, it has become easier to keep more of your money in your pocket.  VPS coupons can be found all over the Internet and some immediate savings are offered directly on the HostGator website.  Many of the coupons offer various percentages off and dollar amounts off.  The coupons are typically good for up to one year.  Depending on the website on which the coupon is found, the terms of use may be slightly different.  In addition to the coupon discounts provided, the customer service makes HostGator one of the most customer satisfied web hosting companies. It is HostGator’s assumption that if they provide you with ways to be more profitable and save money, then they are successful, because they have loyal customers that will keep returning to them for products and services.

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