Hostgator VPS Review – Get the Facts First

Hostgator is one of the world’s top 10 hosting companies for a reason. It provides its clients with stellar customer service and a variety of web hosting solutions at affordable prices. In fact, the company has so many hundreds of thousands of happy clients. It is currently able to say it hosts over 4 million domains.

Many of those clients have opted for one of Hostgator’s nine VPS hosting plans. A VPS, or virtual private server, gives clients the option of dedicated hosting at prices comparable to shared hosting. A VPS is a single server that has been divided into several smaller servers, much like a pizza is sliced into several pieces. Each piece of the server has its own operating system and is dedicated to a single client.

Hostgator’s most affordable VPS plan is also the most basic. Its Level 1 plan starts at $19.95 a month. The most expensive and feature-packed plan is the Level 9, starting at $209.95 per month. At Hostgator, clients can easily upgrade to a higher level or downgrade, if need be, without any hassles. When it comes to price value, Hostgator is right up there with the competition.

Hostgator is one of the leading VPS plan providers on the market because all its clients are given full root access over their pieces of the server. Clients can make changes to the server to suit their individual needs. When changes are made, no other client is affected because other clients do not have access to the server. As a result, Hostgator is able to give individual clients a customizable experience.

Hostgator uses the Parallel Powers Panel to manage their VPS accounts. This panel gives management control over to the client and allows them to control everything on their server. This makes troubleshooting much easier because clients monitor their own running processes and can keep an eye on their server’s resource usage.

Hostgator’s VPS packages are some of the best on the market because Hostgator makes the client’s experience as hassle free as possible. For example, if, for some reason, clients need to restart their VPS, they can do so from their control panel without having to make a request to the company. This severely limits the amount of downtime a client faces. In fact, Hostgator has a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

Also, clients are able to create and restore backups whenever they wish. They can even install custom software without having to ask Hostgator for permission first. When clients move from a shared hosting plan to a VPS hosting plan, managing the server may seem a little overwhelming at first, but Hostgator’s customer support team, video tutorials and helpful how-to articles will make the transition a smooth one.

The level of support Hostgator provides is not only stellar but has led the company to win a number of awards for their services. All clients receive support by exceptionally trained staff members who are available around the clock, 365 days a year. This one-on-one human contact from Hostgator makes managing one’s own VPS account doable.



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